Q: What is the time commitment of being in a sorority?
A: To be in a sorority takes a lot of time. It also takes some time management. We plan our calendars one semester ahead of time so it is easy for our girls to know the dates, times, and places of our upcoming events so they can plan accordingly.
Q: Do I have to live close by or on campus?
A: No. Almost half of our girls in the chapter commute to campus. We always try to be mindful of our commuters and take them into consideration when planning our events.
Q: What kind of events do you have?
A: We have many events planned throughout the semester including: socials, formals, sisterhoods, retreats, Big/Lil, Initiation, Alumnae Date Night, Family Day, Personal and Chapter Enrichment meetings, along with many other things!We have sisterhood bonding events, such as our weekend long sisterhood retreats and Big/Little pairings. We also have chapter enrichment activities after our weekly chapter meetings that educate the sisters and new members about issues they deal. This can range from teaching women's self defense to learning how to become eco-friendly. With academics being a main focus within our sorority, we encourage good study habits during our group study sessions and collect progress reports. We also host social events such as semi-formals, date nights, and mixers with other organizations.
Q: How much Philanthropy do you participate in?
A: Gamma Phi holds at least one large philanthropy event each semester along with other smaller events throughout the year.
Q: Do I have to keep a certain GPA to be in the sorority?
A: To be in the sorority, one must maintain a 2.5 GPA. School is very important to us and we want to make sure education is put first.
Q: Does Gamma Phi ever have events for our families?
A: We really love to get our families involved with the sorority and we always try to keep them updated with what our girls are up to. We have Family Day once a year where we invite every sister's family to a luncheon and update those in attendance with everything we have participated in during that year.
Q: Do we Haze?
A: No, we never haze. This is a subject that we take very seriously. We always abide by our international's rules against hazing, as well as Georgia state federal law..
Q: Is there time to participate in a sorority if I'm an architecture student?
A: Yes. We currently have girls that are architecture majors and we've had sisters stick with both Gamma Phi and architecture for all 5 years of their college career. We always take into consideration the heavy workload, and our girls of all majors work together to help each other out.
At a school like Southern Poly, where the ratio of girls to guys is very small, it's always nice to have a group of girls to be with. Not only does it allow you to have girlfriends, but it also allows you to get involved with your school. The trend seems to be that many people go home on the weekends because not much goes on around campus at that time, but being apart of a sorority gives you things to look forward to on the weekends with your friends. Being apart of a sorority gives you a sisterhood bond that last a lifetime. It is a wonderful commitment that you will always cherish.