Benefits to Members

Academic Achievement
Scholastic achievement is one of the Sorority's greatest emphases. Gamma Phi Beta offers undergraduate members support in their studies through structured programming, resources and mentoring.
Gamma Phi Beta's social networking system is available to all Sorority members.
Leadership Development and Education :
Membership in Gamma Phi Beta provides members the opportunity to attain and exercise leadership skills that will benefit her for a lifetime.
Our Regional Leadership Conferences (RLCs) and biennial national Convention are open to all Gamma Phi Beta members. These events offer leadership training through workshops, as well as career networking with other women.
The Personal and Chapter Enrichment (PACE) program provides educational programming on issues and challenges collegiate members face today- from resume writing and career planning to diet and healthy living.
Philanthropic Involvement:
Gamma Phi Beta, Camp Fire USA, and Girl Guides of Canada collaborate to provide camping experiences for girls that will enhance and enrich their lives. Camping has been the international philanthropic focus of Gamma Phi Beta since 1929. In this endeavor, the Sorority's mission is to provide experiences and resources that build spiritual, mental and social resiliency in girls.


Gamma Phi Betas dedicate a portion of time each week to the Sorority. This includes going to new member meetings, PACE meetings and community service events. Additional activities such as social events and campus events are also scheduled throughout the year.
Prior to her initiation, a Gamma Phi Beta new member will complete the following:
- Participate in the new member education program.
- Demonstrate the desire and ability to maintain Gamma Phi Beta's standards of conduct.
- Fulfill her financial obligations.
- Demonstrate her compatibility with the chapter.
- Must live in the sorority house for a year, if she is not living with Parents or Guardian.
Financial Obligations
Upon pledging, she will pay a new member fee to the International Sorority. Before initiation, she will pay an initiation fee and purchase her badge. The initiation fee is apportioned as directed by the Sorority and includes leadership training, program development and a lifetime subscription to The Crescent, Gamma Phi Beta's quarterly member magazine.
In addition, collegiate members pay membership dues each semester to the International Sorority and the local chapter. Each local chapter determines their own membership dues, housing fees and other operating fees. Please contact the chapter for a complete breakdown of financial obligations.
After graduating, all members are asked to pay annual alumnae dues as well as support the Foundation through donations.
Getting the parents involved
Parents Clubs exist to encourage friendships between Gamma Phi Beta parents and nearby collegiate and alumnae chapter members. Parents are able to share in their daughter's sorority experiences while providing support for the chapter's activities. Contact your daughter's chapter or International Headquarters for further information